15 April 2007 - Temporary Closing of Licences II

This site is written and maintained by project professionals - for project professionals. Open access to vital background information is imperative to sustain the highest degree of professionalism. A professional manager cannot make sound and reliable decisions on the basis of blurred and incomplete information. This is why all the algorithms making up the total information base in CERA Databank have been fully and openly displayed. When we decided to go for maximum openness we did expect some degree of copying to occur, but not to the degree we now see. Consequently the site is running at a loss and cannot accept any new users under the same commercial conditions as before. We regret very much this situation, but this was forced upon us.

However, we maintain the offer to install CERA Databank WWW on the customer’s own server. This means that the customer may edit and expand the database freely and at his own pace. The PC tool that we use to compute the algorithms/formulas in CERA Databank – CERA Formula Provider – may also be commercially available within a few months time. Please contact sales@cera.no for further information. 

1 December 2006 - Temporary Closing of Licences

The site will be closed for new users for an estimated time of two months. However, potential users who which to install the site on their own server will be prioritised. Please contact sales@cera.no for further information.  

14 June 2006 - Temporary Closing of Licences
We regret to announce that due to an imminent change in marketing policy CERA Databank will not accept any new licence users for time being. We will readmit new users as soon as possible. However, it will still be possible to purchase (not lease) CERA Databank WWW for installation on your own server. Please contact sales@cera.no for further information.  
18 October 2005 - Free Access

The board of CERA Databank decided to admit the public free access to the databank index and calculation modules. However, only the full paying users will receive full access to the databank formulas. The non-paying users will therefore not be granted access to the most valuable information in the databank, but will hopefully be able to extract enough information to solve simple CAPEX problems. Our hope is that this gesture will boost the interest in CERA Databank and attract more paying users. It’s as simple as that! The free access period will initially last for a duration of 12 months.    

16 May 2005 - Home Page Update
Minor revisions to Home Page and new/revised articles (clickable).
11 April 2005 - General Update
Minor revisions to Info page
26 March 2005 - General Update
Minor revisions to Home Page
31 January 2005 - General Update
Minor revisions made to twelve databank items
27 September 2004 - Revised Prices
A new price schedule has been established:                                                                                                                                         - Six (6) months single license fee: USD 500.00                                                                                                                                   - Twelve (12) months single license fee: USD 800.00                                                                                                                        The price of having CERA WWW databank installed on users own server - thus getting full control over the database including the algorithms - is available on request. Contact sales@cera.no .
21 September 2004 - More Graphical Illustrations
All graphical illustrations in the offshore section (P-code A) have now been installed.
24 April 2004 - The First GRAPHICAL ILLUSTRATIONS have been installed
To ease the use of the databank further, numerous graphical illustrations have been produced and are being installed as they become available. The first batch covers all the EXEC formulas. A small image will appear inside the databank calculation screen. Double click the image to produce details of the image.    
9 April 2004 - CERA WWW Databank in New Layout
CERA Databank WWW has undergone a redesign. However, all the features that you have seen and used before are still here. Nothing has changed – apart from a spreadsheet download feature found under main menu ‘Information’. We believe the changes are to the better and that the new design will make the use of CERA WWW Databank both faster and easier than the previous version. We will introduce new features in the near future that hopefully will enhance the use of CERA Databank WWW even further. We hope you like it.
25 January 2004 - Country Cost Factors transferred from CERA Databank to CERA Databank WWW
All cost related EXEC-formulas have been expanded to yield the CAPEX cost relative to these countries: USA (GoM), Australia, China (Republic), Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, UK, Croatia, Mexico.
20 January 2004 - You may soon install CERA WWW Databank on your own server or Intranet
Get full control. Edit and expand the databank to meet your own needs and requirements. To more and more companies CERA Databank is becoming one of the company’s most important strategic tools. In a short while we will have ready a version of CERA WWW Databank that you may install on your own server or Intranet. Contact us for additional information and prices.
8 November 2003 - Link to Digital Dutch Unit Converter established
Convert from BU to Metric and vise versa.
3 November 2003 - AEA-EXEC01_C: Sub-sea Pipeline - Overall Cost calculator installed
Use with AEA_EXEC01-X to calculate nominal diameter of pipeline. The formula has not been through the final test runs.
3 November 2003 - AEA-EXEC01-X: Sub-sea Pipeline - Nominal Diameter calculator installed
AEA-EXEC01-X: Sub-sea Pipeline - Nominal Diameter calculator installed.
10 October 2003 - CERA Process Plant Databank converted to the WWW
The databank encompasses facilities work only – not civil work. The bank is constructed the same way as the offshore databank in that work-hours (manhours) relate to direct work only. Thus the indirect work will have to be calculated separately – separate cost items – or included in the labour rate. Note also that the onshore labour rate is normally higher than the offshore (yard) rate due to the additional requirement for ‘imported’ labour force during the construction face. The process plant databank is an advanced copy and has not been through the final quality checks. This will take a few months still. Thus use with care. The Process Plant Databank Items are marked with a *B in the first field of the P-code column. (*B-r-t.).
10 October 2003 - An asterix (*) has been entered into the first field of the P-code
An asterix (*) has been entered into the first field of the P-code to make it easier to sort the P-code. I.e. to select all Process Plant items simply enter ‘*B’ in the P-code field. (By typing a single ‘B’ you will also get unwanted items such as P-code ABAA, AAB, etc.
10 October 2003 - Error in ACE-EXEC01-C Production Drilling Operations corrected
Error in ACE-EXEC01-C Production Drilling Operations - All Resources - Cost USD, corrected.
4 September 2003 - Cost indexes all cost files (p-r-C) updated
Cost indexes all cost files (p-r-C) updated to reflect as-built cost as per July 2003.