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- Need unbiased evaluation of your selected field development options?
- Lack cost estimating expertise?
- Need a second opinion before submitting your report?

E-mail your request and available engineering data/information and we will send you a firm offer of our cost estimating services within 1 to 2 working days.

Worldwide expertise on all levels of offshore oil and gas field development analysis and cost/weight estimation.
We will give your request an honest assessment and decline from giving you an offer if we do not feel 100% competent for the job.

Example 1. Field Development Estimates

Input from you:

1. 1. Locations (West Africa, Australia, Northern Europe, etc.) The more detailed, the better
2. 2. Oil plateau production rate, gas plateau production rate, GOR, etc.
3. 3. Water depth
4. 4. Pipeline length
5. 5. Number of wells drilled by fixed platform and/or sub sea (option)
6. 6. Distance from sub sea wells to production facilities.

If you do not recommend a development option we will suggest one for you. In fact, we may even run several development scenarios for you. Or, if you seek an unbiased evaluation of a particular concept solution, simply tell us which concept (Steel Jacket, FPSO, etc.).

Deliverables from us:

1. A. Sketch of selected development option (PowerPoint)
2. B. Cost and Weight Estimate of each building block including overall risk based on statistics (Excel).

If you provide us with production profiles we may additionally provide the following information:

3. C. Cost Phasing (Excel) summarized as per:
- Exploration wells
- - Production wells
- - Facilities
- - Operations
- - Income

4. D. Potential Profit and NPV Analysis (Excel)

Example 2. Budget or FEED estimates

Input from you:

1. Location
2. Description of concept
3. One of these options:
- Detailed equipment list w/ performance specs.
- Equipment list with weights
- Summary equipment weights and bulk material weights
- Etc.

Any other pertinent information such as module arrangement, type of deck (integrated, modularized), sub-sea facilities required, distance to sub-sea wells, etc. pipeline terminal location, etc

Deliverables from us:

A. Itemized Cost Estimate at 50/50 percent accuracy. Output at same level as input. The report may thus comprise several thousand data items. (Excel or Word)
B. Monte Carlo type Cost Risk Analysis based on databank statistics (objective cost risk analysis). Subjective input will be applied if no statistics is available. Optional cost phasing and economical analysis as described above. (Excel or Word)


The alternatives are many. Please contact us if your requirements and data availability are not as described above. The size of our historic databank and our wide technical and commercial skills open many options.

Several hundred concept, budget and FEED estimates are completed for our international customers per year.


We will do our utmost to protect the name and integrity of our customers. Unless you specifically give your consent we will not use your name in our commercial marketing efforts.

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